Remerik Orsen

Healer, Oracle, Druid.


He stands tall at 6’0", and has three claw like scars running down across his left jaw and unto his neck. They are barely visible at this point unless you are looking for them and you know they are there.


A soft-hearted man, Remerik lives by simple rules. He is a nomad almost by nature, and is always at home moving from place to place. He finds cities strange and crowded and prefers the wild nature outside of civilization; yet he often travels to cities in order to help the poor and the sick who are unable to get the care they need like the Nobles who can buy whatever they wish and leave the poor to suffer.

He makes his homes in hovels and sets up free clinics for the needy in whatever city he finds himself in. If he doesn’t have time for such things he tries to find people and help as many as he can. His heart weeps for those in need and he wishes to protect the lives of every innocent life, as well as nature.

Remerik Orsen

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