Kingdom Of Jade

Though a small Kingdom it is by far the wealthiest. The tension between the other Kingdoms leave the trading to be done by the middle man. Because of this, it is a center for trade – a land based in Neutrality. The neutrality is what makes the land so grand to other races who see no conflict with their fellow man. It also houses many buildings and organizations based on intellectual endeavors, which is why the Magyk Collage is located in this Kingdom.

Many of the centers for learning are located in the Kingdom of Jade. It is also the host of Marria’s largest and well informed Library. Any information worth looking for lays somewhere in the vast halls of the Library. Mages, Scholars, Intellectuals, and Storytellers of all types flock to the Kingdom of Jade for the chance to learn or make an impact upon Marria with their studies.

It is Ruled over by Queen Astina Moon. Under her are Terryns, Arls, Banns, Dukes, and Lords. The various titles are spread outwards in rings, with the lowest titles out on the boarders of the nation.

The capital city is filled with large buildings and a mass of people. It is filled with seemingly impossible things made and enchanted by the mages to make the lives of the people easier. These things can be found almost everywhere in the Kingdom of Jade, except in the small boarder towns (where some enchantments can be found, but very few compared to that of the inner cities and the capital).

Kingdom Of Jade

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